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Tech Tip #3: A Pre-Ride Checklist You Should Use Before Every Ride

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  • Tires: Make sure tires are in good condition. Look for uneven tread wear or damage.
  • Tire pressure: Tires lose air over time (as much as 5 psi per week). Tire pressure should be checked and adjusted when the tires are “cold”, or at ambient air temperature, because tire pressure increases by over 10% when they reach operating temperature. Bonus tip: Don’t trust gas station pump air gauges; they’re often inaccurate. Instead, use a good hand-held air gauge.
  • Oil level: With the bike on level ground, check its oil as per your user manual.
  • Brakes: Make sure the brakes are responsive and functioning properly.
  • Lights: Check all lights on a regular basis. Check your high and low beams, turn signals, running lights, brake lights, and front and rear brake lever activation.
  • Chain or belt: Check belt or chain tension. Look for damage on belts and make sure chains are well lubricated

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