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Bonnyville’s One-Stop Motorcycle Mechanic & Powersport Shop

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Whatever your choice of powersport toy, we’ll fix it

We specialize in repairing all years, makes, and models of motorcycles, side-by-sides, quads, and snowmobiles.

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Need a powersport or motorcycle mechanic?

A full-service motorcycle mechanic, parts & apparel shop

Gone are the days of never-ending part searches & LENGTHY repairs

Motorcycle repair shop
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Your pride and joy is in good hands

Motorcycle Repair Shop

We maintain and repair engines and suspensions, do oil changes, and source and install tires for all years, makes and models.

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Have your ride inspected only once

Out-of-province inspections

Get your wheels ready for the Alberta road. Bring your bike in for an in-depth checkup and we’ll make sure it passes its out-of-province motorcycle inspection the first time.

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Bike inspection
Snowmobile repair
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One-stop shop for your powersport machine repairs

Side-by-side, quad, & snowmobile parts & repairs

You love your toys, we love your toys. Bring us your powersport machine for full-bodied maintenance and TLC. From 2 stroke and 4 stroke snowmobile repairs, top end and crankshaft rebuilding, cylinder head repairs and everything in between.

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Get the parts you need no matter how rare

Parts, tires & accessories

We have a passion for parts. No matter the age, make or model of your motorcycle, we’ll go the distance—pun intended—to find the replacement parts you need to get riding again.

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Motorcycle parts
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Find your size

Clothing & merch

Whether you’re a XXS or an 8XL, we think you should roll in style. Our Sick Cycles Gear Shop will make sure you look good cruising down the highway.

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Never waste time fixing your ride again

Contact us to book a motorcycle repair or inspection, if you’re looking for a specific part, or if you’re in need of new leathers.

Contact us or call 780-343-1146