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Sled Maintenance

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Proper sled maintenance is always important, but for those of you who plan to ride in a locations like Canada sled care is even more critical to avoid a breakdown.

And it’s important to remember that sled maintenance is a year-round concern for safety, reliability and sled life. Be sure to do, or have the following done:

Getting Ready for Winter

  • Clean the clutches, carbs ( if not fuel injected ) and exhaust valves, if needed
  • Check belt tension and adjust if needed
  • Change the oil in the chain case and check the gears
  • Change fuel filter if the sled has a fuel filter
  • Grease the sled, chassis and steering
  • Check track tension and alignment
  • Check ski alignment and shags
  • Check lights, hand warmers and thumb warmer

During the Season

  • Keep belt tension adjusted
  • Check track tension
  • Check skags

Post Season Care

  • Put stabilizer in the gas and run the sled to get it through the lines
  • Fill the gas tank to avoid condensation
  • Fog the engine
  • Grease the sled
  • Disconnect the battery and hook the battery to a battery tender

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