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Quad Winter Maintenance

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1. Choosing your tires well

Every type of tire is designed to be driven in specific conditions and on surfaces such as stone, sand, in summer or winter. On our cars, we change tires for the winter season because the road is different than in other seasons; so we should do the same with our quads! We recommend using tires adapted for winter as they provide better traction and can avoid accidents and running off the trails. With studded tires, you will notice better braking and improved acceleration.

2. Choose a winter grade motor oil

Motor oil performs differently depending on the temperature. Oil efficiency may be compromised if, for instance, it is designed initially for warmer weather. Quick tip: when you are changing your oil in the fall and you are planning to use your quad in winter, we recommend using appropriate cold weather oil such as 5W40. Synthetic oil will also be more efficient in cold weather. Suitable oil for specific temperatures will maintain all its properties and efficiency!

3. Lubricate the vehicle well

A good vehicle greasing is recommended to ensure good lubrication and better performance. This will prevent ice and humidity build-up on several parts of your quad. Among other things, you will notice better performance from your suspension.

4. Check/replace the coolant

As we know, temperature changes in Canada are sudden and frequent, impacting all your vehicle’s lubricants, especially the coolant. It is imperative to verify both the quality and quantity of the liquid which may have deteriorated over the seasons. During very cold seasons, this liquid plays a very important part. While you are at it, think about checking all your vehicle’s liquids and oils!

5. Check the status of your battery

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure! Make sure to check your battery and replace it if necessary before the winter season to make the most of your vehicle when you need it. There is nothing more annoying than planning a nice winter ride and realizing, just before leaving, that your battery is dead and your vehicle refuses to start.

6. Plan your winter equipment and accessory purchases early

For enjoyable winter rides, we must make sure to be comfortable and warm. Many quad enthusiasts like to equip themselves with heated handles, heated helmets or other equipment, clothing and accessories adapted for winter. Plan for these purchases now to avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary delays caused by reduced inventories.

7. Have a full fuel tank

As you may know, we use more fuel on our winter getaways than in other seasons. When a quad drives through the snow or on snow-covered trails, the engine and the drive unit work harder, draining the fuel tank faster. Remember to keep maximum fuel in your vehicle, and even bring a spare can of gasoline with you.

8. Have a survival kit with you

The survival kit is always essential, and even more so in winter. It’s of paramount importance in case of a vehicle breakdown. Warm clothing, matches, snacks, water, hot pads and a first aid kit are good examples of items to include in a survival kit.

For any questions on maintenance and preparing your vehicle for winter, please contact Sick Cycle Inc. Their team of experts will know how to advise you.

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